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Re: st: combination of observations

From   "Nikolaos A. Patsopoulos" <>
Subject   Re: st: combination of observations
Date   Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:07:23 +0200

n j cox wrote:

You are using Stata 8.0. You, or your systems administrator,
should -update- to Stata 8.2. It is free.

-comb()- is not implemented as an .ado file. It is a Stata function,
not a command or program. All Stata functions are implemented as
part of the executable and not visible to users.

That said, I am not clear precisely what your problem is, but -tuples- on SSC, or the code therein, may help.


Nikolaos A. Patsopoulos

for n observations list by combinations of k. if we set n=4 and k=2 for the
following dataset we should get:

Dataset: var1: [1] A [2] B [3] C [4] D


Actually insetad of list I want to run another program but the logic is the same.

Have tried to find sth like this but the comb() function only gives the number
of combinations. Some programs I found cpr (Cox) and byvar (Royston) do
combinations for a given set of number (max=5).

Is there a way I can do this in STATA (version 8.0)?

At least does anyone knows where I can one find the ado of comb()? I look into
my STATA and ado folders but it must have a different name.
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-tuples- is near enough to what I want to do, so I'm going to play a bit with it's code.



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