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Re: st: using information in value labels

From   "Alexander Nervedi" <>
Subject   Re: st: using information in value labels
Date   Tue, 13 Feb 2007 03:05:34 +0000

Thank you Quang.

I didn't know that command and it is helpful. It is quite an improvement on physically recoding each variable. However, it requires me to scan about a thousand variables and for each variable know what the missing codes are.

Admittedly most of them are 9/99/998 ..... but some may not be. And i wouldn't be sure if it had worked without linear scan of the entire data set.

From: "Quang Nguyen" <>
Subject: Re: st: using information in value labels
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 17:00:28 -1000

Dear Alex,

Can you have a look at the _mvencode_ command? Also, you may fin dthe
following helpful:

Have A Great Day!

On 2/12/07, Alexander Nervedi <> wrote:

I have a complex survey dataset which has been helpfully cleaned - each
variable has its missing values coded with 9/99/999/999 or 98/998/9998 etc.
and things like Missing, Did not respond, refused to answer etc. are all
coded in as value labels.

I would like to treat all of these as missing and want to run a loop as

local allvars x1 ... x100

foreach var of local allvars{

label list `var'
*pseudo code follows
scan label to see which levels include - "Missing", "missing", "did not
respond", etc
for each level `i' {
recode `var' (`i' = .)


I was wondering if this is something that could be reasonably be


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