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Re: st: option logF() not allowed

Subject   Re: st: option logF() not allowed
Date   Sun, 11 Feb 2007 10:51:38 +0100

Thanks Jeans, after the update it's function.

Quoting "Jean Marie Linhart, StataCorp LP" <>:

ncdcta00 <at> uniroma2 <dot> it wrote:

Dear statalist, I have this message  of error when I want to run
a xtprobit:

tsset id wave
xtprobit family householdincome housetype

Fitting comparison model:

Iteration 0:   log likelihood = -60829.578
Iteration 1:   log likelihood = -54736.981
Iteration 2:   log likelihood = -54678.765
Iteration 3:   log likelihood = -54678.729

Fitting full model:

option logF() not allowed
Your ado files are ahead of your executable.

. update query

Should demonstrate that this is the problem.

. update all

Should fix (most of) this.

Do not forget

. update swap

which is what actually swaps the old executable for the new one.
After this is completed, all should be well.

If further help with updating is required, please contact technical support; you may want to include the results of the
-update query-.

--Jean Marie
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