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st: Re: -graph bar, over-: problem with string vars and quotes

From   Friedrich Huebler <>
Subject   st: Re: -graph bar, over-: problem with string vars and quotes
Date   Fri, 9 Feb 2007 10:35:45 -0800 (PST)

Many thanks for the suggested solutions for my problem with broken
labels. The -twoway bar- approach is interesting because the
underlying data doesn't have to be modified. Nick's code also doesn't
appear to suffer from an additional problem that I encountered.

Substituting single quotes for all double quotes requires only one
additional line of code. However, the labels are cut off almost
completely (at least in Stata 8.2) if the graph has fewer than 20
bars, as you can see by running the following commands.

sysuse auto, clear
sort make
replace make = `""AMC Concord""' if make == "AMC Concord"
replace make = `""AMC" Pacer"' if make == "AMC Pacer"
replace make = `"AMC "Spirit""' if make == "AMC Spirit"
replace make = subinstr(make,`"""',"''",.)
graph hbar mpg if _n<20, over(make)
graph hbar mpg if _n<21, over(make)


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