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st: Data Management Tool

From   "Just Here" <>
Subject   st: Data Management Tool
Date   Tue, 06 Feb 2007 10:42:21 -0500

Hi All,

I'm looking into Stata MP as a data management system on linux for 3-5 users.

The main tasks of the data management system would be to query tables from Oracle, mysql, create variables, run statistical analysis/modeling and support fairly advanced reporting.

I've worked with SAS and SPSS, however this time around I'd be the one paying for the license, and am being consciencious about shopping for the best solution. The corporate reflex of "just writting a PO" for SAS or SPSS server is not the chosen approach here.

- How does Stata compare as data management tool, specially as it interfaces with databases?

- Is it a RAM-only system, or does it pipeline large datasets ?

- What are its limitations as a data management tool ?

- At what point would you say SAS/SPSS is hands down the best solution (if at all)?

- Any opinion on its syntax/batch capabilities?

I know next to nothing about Stata's macro capabilities, and one thing I like about SPSS is its new Python extensibility. Anything comparable with Stata ?

Many thanks for your time.



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