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Re: st: copy value within group

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: copy value within group
Date   Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:13:33 +0200 wrote:
> frequently, yet I have never been happy about how I do it.  I've always
> wondered if there was another way.
> *Fact*: In my data there exists a variable, x, with the following
> property (known by construction or verified with an -assert-).  Within
> each group of observations identified by a unique id (call the variable
> id), x is missing for all but one observation.
> *Operation*: I want to assign the single nonmissing value of x to all
> missing values of x within the group.  That is, when I'm done, x is
> nonmissing for all observations and constant within id.  This  constant
> value of x (within id) remains unchanged for the original nonmissing
> values of x.
> *My Solution*: Usually I accomplish this with something like:
> bysort id: egen t = mean(x) //other -egen- commands work, like -max()-//
> replace x = t drop t

Tasks like this should be generally tackled by using -by- and explicit 
subscripts. This should work:

. bysort id (x): replace x = x[1]

(More on how to use explicit subscribts can be found under -help 
subscripting-, and in chapter 5 of Kohler/Kreuter, Data Analyis Using Stata.) 

Many regards


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