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st: greek on graphs [Was: One Wish]

From   Roger Harbord <>
Subject   st: greek on graphs [Was: One Wish]
Date   Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:24:25 +0100

I've wished for this too. Maybe in Stata 10... In the meantime if you really must have one or two greek letters on just one or two figures for a journal, one hack is to export the graph from Stata as an eps file and then insert a bit more postscript code by hand. Clearly far from ideal for routine work though.

I found the info at <> invaluable in figuring out how to do this. Note that all measurements in postscript are in points, i.e. 72nds of an inch. You need to find a font that's installed on your system that includes greek letters - for Windows users there's the "Symbol" font. You also need to figure out what the corresponding character is in standard ASCII e.g. using "Character Map" utility in Windows (Start -> Run -> charmap). You then insert a few lines of postscript before the "showpage" command at the very end of the file.

e.g. to add an alpha and a theta to my graph, i inserted :

%%% start hack to add greek letters %%%
/Symbol findfont % "Symbol" font includes greek letters
10 scalefont % font size in points
100 72 moveto
(a) show % alpha
150 80 moveto
(q) show % theta
%%% end hack to add greek letters %%%%

The precise positioning (100 72 for alpha and 150 80 for theta) was trial-and-error, although taking a ruler to a print-out gives you a good starting point.

Luckily i didn't need any hats, which would appear possible (suitable characters exist in the Symbol font) but even more fiddly to get the size and position right.


--On 17 October 2006 16:04 +0200 Maarten Buis <> wrote:

You're not alone, I would really appreciate such functionality too, but I
understand that it is not easy. Imagine the number of symbols that people
might want to include, you already mentioned the Greek alphabet, and
accents on top of them, add to that all the symbols in bold (for matrices),
subscripts and superscripts, and all kinds of operators, and it should work
fine on Unix, Mac, and Windows.

Raphael Fraser wrote :
I wish Stata graphs title axis could be labeled with mathematical
Greek symbols (for e.g. chi-squared). If Stata was "pro Greek" it
would make it possible to label say, a population regression line or a
fitted line involving beta hat.

That is my wish.

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