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RE: RE: st: RE: tsset

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: RE: st: RE: tsset
Date   Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:20:17 +0100

StataCorp developers follow the list. Thus your suggestion
was, or shortly will be, read by many of them. 

Now I am not a StataCorp developer, but I don't see that 
there is any need for implementing your proposal at all. 

The reason is that if you have a composite panel identifier you 
can map it to a single one in a single command line using 
-egen, group()-. Thus there is no need for a hit on -tsset-
and all sorts of associated commands, to say nothing of the 
consequences for help files, manuals, FAQs and so forth. Thus
the user can solve this problem by a simple operation carried out upstream
of -tsset-. 

This was already explained in the thread you reply to, although
for brevity I have deleted most of the long email you 
copied without editing. 


Charles Thibault
> I was reading the comments below and was having the same problem.
> The problem occurs because you cannot specify more than one 
> variable as the
> panel idenfifier.  Typing 'help tsset' produces the following 
> explanation:
> Declare data to be time series and specify the time variable
>         tsset [panelvar] timevar [, options]
> INSTEAD, allowing tsset to be:
>         tsset (varlist) timevar [, options]
> would allow a panel identifier that is composed of more than 
> one variable.
> How can one address these types of development issues more 
> directly to the Stata team?

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