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Re: st: c-statistic in Cox models

From   "Jacki Buros" <>
Subject   Re: st: c-statistic in Cox models
Date   Sat, 7 Oct 2006 21:28:35 -0400

Hi Ashwin,

Try the stcox postestimation command -estat concordance-, which
calculates Harrell's C. This may be what you want for the survival
analysis, so long as you do not have time-varying covariate effects.

I don't know whether there is a similar command for svy regress.


On 10/7/06, Ashwin Ananthakrishnan <> wrote:

Is there a command in stata where I can calculate the
c-statistic for predictive models in Cox regression
survival analysis?

I tried the stcstat program that I found online but
that doesn't seem to be working. Are there other

Is there a similar c-statistic command for use in
survey analysis also? (following a .svylogit or a
.svyregress command) ?


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