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st: r2 in -streg-/-stcox-

From   Nishant Dass <>
To   STATA Help <>
Subject   st: r2 in -streg-/-stcox-
Date   Fri, 6 Oct 2006 01:32:16 -0700 (PDT)

Dear list-members,

I want to estimate a hazard-rate model and I would like to
compare estimates from -streg- with those from -stcox-,
however, I am puzzled as to why -streg- and -stcox- report
different statistics for the overall fit of the model (I
used -ereturn list to check this). 

More specifically:
                      streg          stcox
R-squared             NO             YES
Wald chi-2            YES            YES
p-value for Wald      YES            NO

So, my question is:  is there a specific reason why the
R-squared is reported in -streg-?  (While I can calculate
the p-value of Wald test for the dozens of Cox
proportional-hazard regressions I have, it would have been
easier if I could just -outreg- it so I also wonder why is
the p-value not reported for -stcox-.)  

If anyone has a clue, could you please tell me?  Thank you.



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