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st: RE: RE: New package -grexport- on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: New package -grexport- on SSC
Date   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:33:17 +0100

Absolutely. The whole point about the (originally flippant, 
but let that pass) coinage of "resultsset" was that it is
when there are several results in a results set that you need to 
consider them together. 

If you have just one result of interest, you don't need
the kind of program that Roger has written for resultssets. 

If posterity is listening, I note that the spelling 
"resultsset" was a conscious play on, and allusion to,
StataCorp's "dataset". Many times I had been corrected by 
StataCorp: I would write "data set" somewhere, and they would change it 
to "dataset" and invoke their house rule. I used to think this 
was arbitrary of them -- especially as the language in question is English, 
and so mine and not theirs -- but since I became an 
Editor of the Stata Journal I now have to follow company 
policy (and have to come to like the word anyway)....  


Newson, Roger B
> Thanks to Lars (and to Kit Baum) for this useful resultsset-generating
> program.
> For what it's worth, the keyword "resultset" is usually spelt
> "resultsset", or was when Nick Cox coined the word a few 
> years ago. The
> Stata search engine used by -findit- doesn't seem to recognise minor
> spelling variations (unlike Google).

Lars E. Kroll
> thanks to Kit Baum there is now a new ado -grexport- downloadable from
> SSC.
> It provdies an easy way to convert a stata graph to a dataset.
>       'GREXPORT': module to produce a resultset of graph contents
>       module to extract all values out of the (version 8 or 9) graph
>       currently in memory. grexport produces a resultset that contains
>       all values of the graph. grexport is a convinient way 
> to pass the
>       values of your graph to non-stata users. It allows them to use
>       their own software for re-creating your graphs.
>       KW: graph
>       KW: resultset
>       KW: export
>       Requires: Stata version 9
>       Distribution-Date: 20060827

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