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RE: st: RE: local variable within a global macro?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: local variable within a global macro?
Date   Tue, 29 Aug 2006 16:47:01 +0100

The terminology is: 

long: global macros and local macros

short: globals and locals. 

Thanks for excellent thread closure here, 
an example for others to follow. I note
that the awkward numbering is the lesser 


Nishant Dass
> Thank you very much for all your suggestions.  I must say,
> joining this list has been a good learning experience.  
> For the sake of it, I tried all the solutions suggested and
> most worked. 
> Nick's solution: Using ${X`p'} worked well.  (As regards
> the awkward numbering - in my present scenario, it's easier
> for me to use it as such; moreover, I was interested in
> knowing how to use local macros within global macros, and
> the current problem provided a good opportunity, so I kept
> the numbering as it is.)
> Kris' solution: Defining my globals as locals instead (I
> would call them global macros and local macros but I am not
> sure; perhaps, Nick can clarify) and then writing `X`p''
> worked, too.
> Alex's solution was right in principle but involved a small
> typo.  Instead of:
>       local globalname "X`np1'"
>       reg y`n' $X`globalname'
> it should be
>       local globalname "`X`np1''"
>       reg y`n' `globalname'
> And finally, Prabhu was right, too - Kris' solution doesn't
> work if I retain the global macros. 

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