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st: RE: value labels in output regression model

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: value labels in output regression model
Date   Thu, 3 Aug 2006 15:31:06 +0100

I can't speak for STATA. In Stata, which is similar in 
this respect, I believe the answer is No, it is not 
possible to do this without cloning some very low-level stuff 
for yourself, and inserting a lot of code to deal with 
troublesome cases. It would be a better use of time 
to memorise the graphics and Mata manuals. 

Otherwise put: I am not clear where in the output you would want 
the value labels to be shown, but a problem with value labels 
in general is that they can be far too long and also include 
characters that are illegal in variable names. So, if you 
are expecting -xi- to use value labels not numeric values 
in variable names, then this is unrealistic. Thus in your 
example the labels are unproblematic such as "group1" but once
you change the label to "group 1" the label could not be used
within a variable name. 


raoul reulen
> If I create an ordinal variable which has several categories (1,2,3,4
> etc) and add value labels to the values. For example, 1=group1,
> 2=group2 etc. , why doesn;t STATA show these value labels when I use
> the variable in a regression model as a dummy/indicator variable?
> So for example if I run the model:
> xi:reg X1 i.var1
> then STATA doesn't use the value labels in the ourput for var1. Is it
> possible to show the value labels of the variable in the output?

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