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st: Re: excluding variables from varlist

From   n j cox <>
Subject   st: Re: excluding variables from varlist
Date   Fri, 26 May 2006 16:09:47 +0100

This works, but it is rather a roundabout solution,
with some disadvantages.

local vl "`vl' `v'"

is better in a loop than

local vl = "`vl' `v'"

as the latter can hit limits on length of expressions
and give rise to bugs.

When it is necessary to unpack a varlist into
discrete items, the most direct approach is not
a loop but

unab varlist : _all


unab varlist : *

However, note that these macros will include the
names of any temporary variables in existence. If
it were needed, I guess that the most direct way
to gather names of temporary variables would be

unab temp : __*

where the underscore is doubled. This is based
on the assumption that no permanent variable
has a name starting with an underscore.

I follow Phil Schumm in preferring something like

unab varlist : _all
unab exclude : <whatever>
local varlist : list varlist - exclude

-ds <whatever>, not- gets you to the same place, more
or less, but with more interpretative overload.


Doug Owens

Another solution I sometimes use is of the form:

sysuse auto, clear
foreach var of varlist _all {
   local vl = "`vl' `var'"

local exclude "trunk weight disp length mpg make"
local vl: list vl - exclude
di "`vl'"


> using the foreach command I would like to exclude certain variables,
> e.g:
> "foreach var of varlist _all [/excluding a, b, c/]".
> Is that possible and if so how?
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