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Re: st: Review window font Stata8x12

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   Re: st: Review window font Stata8x12
Date   Tue, 23 May 2006 15:46:06 -0500

Dirk Enzmann ( misses the font Stata 8x12
that was available in Stata 8 and previous versions of Stata:
> Using Stata 9 I *really* miss the review window font Stata 8x12 (or 
> similar) previoulsy available in Stata 8.
> I tried Courier, Couriew New, Lucida Console, Fixedsys, and Thinfix, but 
> these fonts are either to big, to thin, or numbers are bad to read.
> Is there any way to use the previous "Stata" fonts without starting 
> Stata 8 first (this trick helps but is rather clumsy).

The old 'Stata #x#' fonts had some disadvantages that caused us to
drop support for them.  They are old bitmap fonts, which means they
do not scale well to different points sizes like modern TrueType
fonts.  And, they do not have support for extended characters found
in many languages.

However, Windows provides a font which has some point sizes which
produce characters almost identical to those in the Stata #x# fonts.

In a Windows font dialog box, choose 'Terminal' as the font.  Then,
the following point sizes produce a font on screen equivalent to
the Stata #x# fonts listed below:

   Terminal (size 6)   -->   Stata 6x8
   Terminal (size 9)   -->   Stata 8x12
   Terminal (size 12)  -->   Stata 12x16
   Terminal (size 14)  -->   Stata 10x18

Some of the Stata #x# fonts are not replicated by Terminal, but
those tend to be the 'odd' sizes in which most people would not be
interested.  The most common ones are represented above.

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