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st: RE: Meta analysis of subgroups in Stata using the -by- option

From   "Steichen, Thomas J." <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Meta analysis of subgroups in Stata using the -by- option
Date   Tue, 23 May 2006 14:05:00 -0400

Vivien L Hendry writes:
> I am trying to perform subgroup analyses within a larger meta 
> analysis of 
> effect sizes (odds ratios). The meta analysis commands appear to have 
> installed successfully (in version 9.2) and all other meta & 
> metan commands 
> are working. The analyse -by variable- option appears to 
> exist as an option 
> in the metan window, but the analysis itself will not run. I 
> keep getting 
> the response that "option by() not allowed r(198)", 
> regardless of whether 
> the commands are given via the pop-up window or typed in 
> directly as -metan 
> abcd, by(variable)-.
> Please could you give me some pointers on how to get this 
> command to work? 
> I haven't been able to find information on how to deal with 
> this elsewhere. 
> If not, is anyone aware of an alternative method that I could 
> try, please?

Are you running at least version 1.81 of -metan-? (The most recent is 1.86 and is available in the -metaaggr- package.)  Use -which
metan- to get the version #.  -by()- was not in the earlier versions.

I tried -by()- with both a numeric and a string variable and both worked fine on Stata v8.2 (I do not have 9.2 installed).

You can use an -if- statement to get the analysis for a subset (but you will not get the between-groups tests or combined graphs).


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