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st: RE: table stubs

From   "David Harrison" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: table stubs
Date   Tue, 23 May 2006 12:21:59 +0100

I don't think there is a way without doing it yourself... Below is how I
would do a one-way table (a two-way one would be a bit harder). I've
recreated the -missing- and -sort- options from -tabulate-, but nothing
else. This code is not extensively tested.


prog bigtab, byable(recall)
    syntax varname(string) [if] [in] [, Missing sort]
    marksample touse, novarlist
    if "`missing'" == "" {
        markout `touse' `varlist', strok
    qui {
        tempvar freq perc cum len
        gen `freq' = 1
        count if `touse'
        gen `perc' = 100/r(N)
        collapse (sum) `freq' (mean) `perc' if `touse', by(`varlist')
        if "`sort'" != "" {
            gsort -`freq' `varlist'
        else {
            sort `varlist'
        gen `cum' = sum(`perc')
        gen `len' = length(`varlist')
        summ `len', meanonly
        local l = r(max)
        set linesize `=`l'+31'
    display as text _n _skip(`l') " {c |}   Freq.   Percent      Cum."
    display as text "{hline `=`l'+1'}{c +}{hline 29}"
    forvalues i=1/`=_N' {
        display as text %`l's `varlist'[`i'] " {c |}" as result ///
            %9.0f `freq'[`i'] %10.2f `perc'[`i'] %10.2f `cum'[`i']

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[] On Behalf Of Peter Adamson
Sent: 23 May 2006 11:11
Subject: st: table stubs

Hello,  I need to tabulate a string variable which has a maximum length
of 106 - I note that tab limits the number of characters displayed.  Is
there away around this?

Thanks Peter

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