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Re: RE: st: RE: error with -egen median if-

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: RE: st: RE: error with -egen median if-
Date   Mon, 22 May 2006 21:15:33 +0100

StataCorp oversight, I guess.
Otherwise put, you are the first person to tickle this bug.

(I just wrote the FAQ. This is not an official answer.)


Alex Ogan

Thanks for posting this -- sorry I didn't search more before posting the
question.  I read the explanation, and read _gmedian.ado to see that it
does indeed include -version 3.0-.

Here's my next question -- sorry if this is a FAQ too:

Why hasn't this been fixed?  Have I done something wrong and failed to
receive some official updates?  -update ado- reports that my ado files
are already up to date... Is there some other command that has replaced
-egen, median()- which I should be using instead?  I can't understand
why this problem would still exist, five years after the FAQ you
referenced was posted.

n j cox

Alex Ogan reported a problem with -egen, median()-
and -if-. Austin Nichols posted code that works
around the problem.

The problem is explained in an FAQ

Why does a program defined by an ado-file sometimes not work when given
a string comparison?

although this particular manifestation has been
lurking in official Stata code ever since Stata 6.


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