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Re: st: generating a matrix, adding values in a column]

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: st: generating a matrix, adding values in a column]
Date   Sun, 21 May 2006 20:16:18 +0100

I have never used Gauss, but I am
confident that it supports matrix multiplication.

Thus, all your Gaussian friend needs is your three
values, as they can too get the matrix directly
as an outer product.

My comment about the manuals is longer-term,
and not contingent on it being Sunday.
Over the last several weeks you
have sent many questions to Statalist, which
suggests that you are trying to learn Stata.

The Statalist FAQ has this advice:

"Beginners' questions are usually indulged (we were all beginners once),
but if you ask too many elementary questions, you may get little or no
response. Read The Fine Manual (or a good statistics text)!"

Stata is big and complicated and can be scary. And
Statalist is one way of seeking (and often getting)
help. But as said, investing time in studying the
manual is ultimately more effective than repeatedly
running to the list.

This is all a grey area, and simple questions are
emphatically _not_ banned. But equally no one
is obliged to answer anything.

Thus, it is a hard fact that many Statalist
experts ignore questions from those they
think should be exercising more self-help.
Whether they are right or wrong, the effect is the
same: the probability of your getting answers
to simple questions will decline.


Gauri Khanna

Dear Nick and others,

The TRUTH.... I need to send this matrix to someone who is using GAUSS....
that is why I wanted to just generate this matrix and send it across.
This matrix will then be used for simulations.

On the stata manual, i agree... unfortunately i do not have the manuals at
home (only in school) and so could not look it up toute suite today being a
Sunday. Anyway, I will look at them when i am in school tomorrow.

n j cox

1. As with others, I can't believe that you
need this. What do you want to do with it?

However, what I think you are asking for
is just an outer product:

matrix b = J(326,1,1) * (33.12,156,227.8)

2. You can get a sum by using -summarize-
and looking at r(sum) afterwards.

. su area, meanonly
. di r(sum)

At some stage, it is really is more effective
to read systematically and carefully through
the manual and/or a good introductory book
on Stata...

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