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st: tabstat: how to access saved r(values)

From   "b. water" <>
To   "statalist" <>
Subject   st: tabstat: how to access saved r(values)
Date   Tue, 9 May 2006 16:16:06 +0000

Dear all,

Stata 8.2,

I did:

. tabstat incidn popsize, stats (sum) save

   stats |      incidn  popsize
     sum |        83      3188

. return list

           r(StatTot) :  1 x 2

I want to access r(whatever x) that holds 83,  r(whatever y) that holds 3188, and r(whatever z) that holds the statistics (which in this case was a sum of)  if possible. Reason I ask, so that I can utilize the values in a -do- file. Looking at the manual [R] S-Z p. 195 this seems to be tantalizingly possible but I don't know how to achieve it. Help's appreciated.

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