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st: saving tabstat results

From   <>
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Subject   st: saving tabstat results
Date   Thu, 4 May 2006 08:52:07 +0300


I need to calculate weighted sums of histograms, using aweights. There
are around 650 of them, and each of them has data values (h) from  -100
to +100 (x). The weights w reflect the group weights.

The way how I managed to do it easily is to use tabstat ( tabstat
h[aweight=w], by(x) stats(sum) )

But how can I save the results efficiently as an independent file?

I tried to use the save command with tabstat ( tabstat h[aweight=w],
by(x) stats(sum) save ) but have can I retrieve the results and/or
export them.

I also tried tabexport (SSC-file) but for some reason the results from
line ( tabexport h[aweight=w] using results.txt , s(sum) by(x)  )
difffer from the tabstat command.

Best regards,

Samu Kurri

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