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st: NetCourse 461 correction

From   "Kevin Crow, StataCorp" <>
Subject   st: NetCourse 461 correction
Date   Wed, 03 May 2006 09:16:50 -0500

There was a mistake in my last post.  Lecture 3 of NetCourse 461 starts June
30th not July 7.  

     NetCourse 461.       Introduction to Univariate Time Series Using Stata

     Course length:       7 weeks (4 lectures plus overview of 
                                     multivariate methods)
     Course dates:        June 16 through August 4
     Cost:                $295
     Course Leaders:      Brian Poi and Gustavo Sanchez
     Prerequisites:       Stata 9 installed and working.
                          Course content of NetCourse 101 or 
                          equivalent knowledge.  Familiarity 
                          with basic cross-sectional summary statistics 
                          and linear regression.  Internet web browser, 
                          installed and working.
                          (Course is platform independent.)     
     Lecture 1            June 16
     Lecture 2            June 23
     Lecture 3            June 30 
     One-week break       July 8 through July 13
     Lecture 4            July 14
     Overview             July 21
     Closing discussion     
     Course ends          August 4

             o Working with time-series data in Stata
             o Drawing graphs
             o Exponential smoothers and forecasting techniques
             o Time-series processes
             o Sample autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation functions
             o ARIMA and seasonal ARIMA models
             o Autocorrelation and regression analysis 
             o Nonstationarity and unit-root tests
             o ARCH/GARCH models                
             o Vector autoregressions (VARs) and vector error correction 
               models (VECMs)

More information

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-- Kevin Crow, StataCorp

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