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From   n j cox <>
Subject   st:
Date   Tue, 02 May 2006 14:51:30 +0100

The Statalist FAQ in Section 2.8 explains

"Alternatively, Statalist messages can also be read through RSS aggregator applications. A wide range of free web-based and downloadable applications are available and can be found by performing a web search using the terms "RSS reader", "RSS aggregator", or "Feed Reader". Specific setup instructions for subscribing to feeds will be included on the site of the application that you choose. Most applications allow you to enter the URL of the feed. The URL for the Statalist feed is Some applications will automatically discover the feed when you browse to a webpage that provides a link to the feed. These applications can be pointed to to discover the feed automatically. This site also provides a menu with links to more information on RSS feeds for those who would like to learn more, several links to commonly used feed readers on the web, and contact information for any problems or questions related to the Statalist feed. (Note that you must join Statalist separately to send posts yourself.)"

However, when I look at
all I see now is a bundle of messages from 22 March 2006.
I have emailed Chris Simpkins, who set all this up several
weeks ago, at various email addresses, asking for elucidation,
but have received no reply.

Now I know no more about these applications than the paragraph
above. Indeed, less, as I don't really understand what this was
ever supposed to offer that the archives don't. However,
deep ignorance never stopped any statistically-minded person from
trying to reach conclusions from the data available. (Being able
to scroll through posts irrelevant to you has all the advantages
of wading through mud when you can skip happily around it.) I have
two guesses:

1. For some reason this beast is dead, broke or otherwise useless. It now serves no useful purpose. It should no longer be cited
in the FAQ.

2. I am misunderstanding something.

Comments welcome.


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