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st: a potetnially useful feature

From   "Alexander Nervedi" <>
Subject   st: a potetnially useful feature
Date   Wed, 23 Nov 2005 20:12:31 +0000

Hi !

I need to input data from 30 odd dbf files where the structure is

Case ID, String.

The string is 80 charecters long and consitis of about 50 odd variables that have been palced in fixed width format. My solution currently is to convert each of these files into *.DAT and then infixing using a dictionary.

Can this also be built into the odbc command? So one could say something like

odbc load, table(AlexDemog) dns(Alex) dictionary(alex.dct)

that explicitly allows you to specify the structure of the table.

Thought I'd throw that out there for Stata Developers. This way i wouldn't have to first stat transfer a bunch of files and then read each in via a dictionary.


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