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RE: RE: st: right justifying strings, left padding strings with zeros

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: RE: st: right justifying strings, left padding strings with zeros
Date   Wed, 23 Nov 2005 15:11:07 -0000

In statistics, as you should know, making wild 
assumptions about the unknown is the road to 

Omission of the UCLA site from my little list was 
just an accident. The people at LA have put 
together an enormous amount of good stuff, 
much of it filling in some gaps within the official 


Clare L Maxwell
> Thank you for your encouragement.  I am trying to scan the st: mail 
> for things I might use in the future and save some of it.  I did 
> check out the UCLA Stata site, which has come good stuff, but didn't 
> have what I wanted here.  I will pay more attention to Stata's own 
> FAQs.  I have probably unfairly assumed that they would be similar to 
> the online command help.  I will also consider the Stata Journal. 
> Interesting to know that you are an editor.  At least I can now 
> assume taht you are paid by Stata, since I wondered how you were able 
> to reply intelligently to every single statalist question.  I still 
> wonder if you sleep, but that is your affair.  It was amazing to wake 
> up this morning way too early and find the answer to my question 
> already waiting for me.

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