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RE: st: string functions on the name of a variable

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: string functions on the name of a variable
Date   Mon, 21 Nov 2005 11:14:30 -0000

I don't see that you need a function here. 

The set of variables with "clli" as part of
their names is given by the wildcard  *clli*
and so can be put into a macro by 

unab clli : *clli* 

Presumably you know what variables appear 
on the RHS of your regression and can manufacture 
a local macro containing them, say rhs. 

The intersection is then 

local cllirhs : list clli & rhs 

and you can cycle over these with 

foreach v of local cllirhs { 
	... = ... + _b[`v'] 

Assuming that by Fourrier you mean Fourier, I don't see why 
handling a set of Fourier terms need be messy. The utility 
-fourier- from -circular- on SSC provides one way of getting 
a bunch of them. 

Alternatively, in one recent program I needed to generate a bunch 
of them on the fly. Here is the code generalised mildly: 

	// regression in terms of sin j theta, cos j theta 
	local sc 
	local terms = <plug in your own> 

	forval j = 1/`terms' { 
		tempvar S C
		gen `S' = sin(`j' * `theta') 
		gen `C' = cos(`j' * `theta') 
		local sc `sc' `S' `C'

	// regression will fail if data points too few 
	// or response missing 
	// assumes a `touse' marking observations to be used 

	capture regress <response to be plugged in> `sc' if `touse' 
	if _rc gen `sm' = . if `touse' 
	else predict `sm' if `touse' 

	drop `sc' 
On the other hand, quite what a "Flexible" Fourier analysis
is I don't know. 


Dev Vencappa

>  I have the following problem and would be grateful if you 
> could provide some help:
> Suppose I have a regression equation with lntoen as my 
> dependent variable and a lot of right hand side variables 
> called lncllisqr lncllica lncllite lncaclli (and there are 
> more variables like these which contain the word "clli" in 
> their name as well as other variables named differently). 
> After estimation, I am trying to add the coefficients of all 
> variables in an estimation that have "clli" in their names.  
> While I can do this manually by using _b[variablename],  I am 
> faced with a problem as I am estimating a Flexible Fourrier 
> function, which tends to be very messy in terms of the 
> addition of trigonometric terms. 
> I am trying to differentiate lntoen with respect to all 
> variables that contain "clli" in their names. I am trying to 
> automate this process by asking stata to add the coefficients 
> of all variables that contain "clli" in their names. 
> Does anybody know if there is an equivalent to one of the 
> list of string functions (such as e.g. substr) that can allow 
> me to write some condition to check if the variable contains 
> the characters "clli" in its name and then add their 
> coefficients please?
> Apologies if a similar posting has been up on the list before 
> and escaped my attention.

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