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st: Constraining alpha and theta in slogit

From   Michael Hout <>
Subject   st: Constraining alpha and theta in slogit
Date   Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:31:53 -0800

Dear Stata listers:
I just saw my own post and realize that I left the constraint number out of the examples.
That is not why the constraints fail in slogit.
I apologize for posting a typo.

Slogit does not recognize alpha_1_1 or _alpha_1_1 as a var name.
That is my problem.


I would like to constrain the alpha and theta parameters in slogit (stereotyped ordinal regression).
But I cannot figure out what to call the alpha and theta terms in the model.

constrain def alpha_1_1={expression}


constrain def _alpha_1_1={exression}

both fail.

-Mike Hout
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