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RE: st: math fonts/symbols

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: math fonts/symbols
Date   Sun, 13 Nov 2005 17:55:17 -0000

Richard is right -- there are disciplinary 
differences here -- but two points deserve comment. 

First, the Word-Windows vs TeX/LaTeX-Unix distinction 
does not hold. TeX/LaTeX is perfectly compatible 
with Windows. I believe also that clones of Word 
are available under Unix for those so inclined. 

Second, let's please get away from any kind of  
elite vs non-elite thinking. The TeX/LaTeX argument is 
encouraging: you get much better documents this way!
The learning curve for doing mathematical typesetting 
under TeX/LaTeX may differ somewhat from that under Word, 
but there are many advantages to the first route. Everything 
I learned about TeX when I first started 16 years
ago still holds. In the mean time my colleagues have
experienced about four or five word processors or


Richard Williams
> I wonder how much this varies by discipline?  Based on what Kit says, 
> it sounds like most Economists use Latex.  However, in the Sociology 
> journals I have submitted to, I've never had a request for Latex; 
> they always just want Word or PDF files.  I use Word's freebie 
> equation editor all the time; maybe a purist would say my equations 
> look like a grade schooler's, but it has always seemed perfectly 
> functional for my purposes.  (At least nobody has ever written me and 
> said they refuse to use my handouts because the equations 
> look so bad!)
> I may be wrong, but I suspect there is this small group of the elite 
> who use things like Latex and Unix while the rest of us trudge along 
> with our Word & Windows XP, never realizing all the wonderful things 
> we are missing.

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