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Re: st: Precision

From   "Ronnie Babigumira" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Precision
Date   Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:33:11 +0100

Hi Many thanks Maarten, Tom, Sergio, Nick, and Micheal for your responses.

Turns out it was all in the eyes..or as Nick pointed out
(paraphrasing)...what I saw or what I thought I saw.

Inputting the data as string, destring-ing, and specifying the correct
format %20.10f (the magic wand..thanks Tom and Micheal for pointing this
out) is what I needed.

Inputting as double (Sergio) and again formating %20.10f does the same

Nick, thanks for the tutorial on precision (what exists) vs illusion
(what I saw).

To close this thread

-  if you have raw data with many decimals then input as double and
format correctly,
- otherwise, destring and format correctly

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