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st: a question about local macro

Subject   st: a question about local macro
Date   Fri, 11 Nov 2005 11:52:03 -0500


You need global.

Remember, if you run a dofile with a local,

and then rerun only a portion of your dofile,

stata will "forget" the local (it assumes its

a new dofile session).



Jian Zhang wrote:


I have a question about the local macro.  I could not figure out why
how to get around it.  Hope that you can help me out.

Here is the question.  In my do file, I have two commands as follows:

local IC="IC412 IC413"
reg y `IC'

The question is that when I run the two commands together
it works.  But I found that if I then re-run the second command without
running the first command,  I thought it should give the same results
since i have already defined the local macro, so I do not need to
redefine it.  It turns out that this time stata treated `IC' as empty.
That means if I want to run the second command,  i always need to run
two commands together.  Am I correct?  Any explanations? Is there
to get around this?


Jian Zhang
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