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Re: st: Copying data from stata's editor to excel.

From   "Ronnie Babigumira" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Copying data from stata's editor to excel.
Date   Thu, 10 Nov 2005 15:40:32 +0100

In addition to the comments others have made, here is what I do when I work=
  with excel

1. Typically I have results saved as a textfile (usually a matrix). I then =
use excel's import wizard. The key here is that I make sure that all column=
s are imported as text. That way I am sure excel does not try to round off-=
up- or-away stuff for me.

2. For the occasional cut and paste job, I copy (use table option) and afte=
r the initial pasting, a small box appears at the bottom of the pasted stuf=
f. This little guy offers some paste options and once again I use the text =
import wizard, you then get the option of specifying the text option for st=
uff you dont want excel to mess with.


Ronnie Babigumira
Dept. of Economics and Resource Management
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
PO Box 5003,
N-1432 =C5s,

>>> 11/09/05 10:31 pm >>>
I am sure this has been already discussed, but how to
get exact values when coping data from Stata's editor
to Excel?
Excel keeps rouding results and I want to avoid that (for
example 989958 in stata is rounded to 990000 in excel).
When applying mata's function varsum in Stata, I get different
result on the total with what is given by Excel.
Best regards.
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