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re: st: How do you run the Waller-Duncan test in STATA?

From   David Airey <>
Subject   re: st: How do you run the Waller-Duncan test in STATA?
Date   Tue, 8 Nov 2005 22:37:12 -0600

I am trying to run a test comparable to the Duncan test found in SAS's anova
procedures. Is there a similar test that I can run in STATA?

Regards - g

Gail Babes
In general, with ANOVA post-hoc testing, Stata does not provide "canned" solutions, other than the few available in "oneway". Enough information is left behind by "anova" for the statistician to program these tests, however. If generalized to more complex models than "oneway", it might make a good command and Stata Journal article!

See online help and manuals for "test", "lincom", and "anova postestimation" if you have Stata 9. Also, see "ereturn list", after an anova.

Point your statistician to " test1.html" for a head start!

Anyone have the reference to the "Waller-Duncan" test? Is this the multiple range test?

Duncan D B. Multiple range and multiple F tests. Biometrics 11:1-42, 1955.'s_new_multiple_range_test

Thank God, err, no, "people" for Wikipedia.


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