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st: -statsmat- revised on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: -statsmat- revised on SSC
Date   Mon, 7 Nov 2005 23:45:19 -0000

The -statsmat- program of Kit Baum and myself 
has been revised on SSC. (This is independent
of the revision of -mvsumm- by the same authors, 
also today.) Looking at the file indicates that
this has been around since 2001, with occasional 
tweaks since. Stata 7 is required, but some 
changes have been made that are sensitive to 
whether you are using Stata 8 or 9. 

1. The help was incorrect in stating that missing
values are not allowed in Stata matrices. This 
is no longer true. 

2. -statsmat- used a logic copied from -tabstat- 
to insert a so-called (and very big) magic number 
in matrices whenever missing would otherwise 
have been appropriate. In, or under, Stata 8 up 
this is no longer the default with -statsmat-. 

3. In answering Herve Stolowy yesterday I found I 
wanted to insert a column of missings in a matrix 
to be used later. This is parallel to, but 
evident different from, an idea of Kit Baum's 
long implemented in -statsmat-, inserting a column of
0s. (Kit no doubt would have used missings had
that been possible under Stata 7.) 

You may install as usual with -ssc-. 


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