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Re: st: bivariate ordered probit / ordinal probit - ctd.

From   Thomas Cornelißen <>
To   "Joseph Coveney" <>, "Statalist" <>
Subject   Re: st: bivariate ordered probit / ordinal probit - ctd.
Date   Mon, 7 Nov 2005 17:02:13 +0100

Thanks a lot to Joseph for these very helpful responses ! This way it should
work out to implement a bivarite ordered probit model.

I think another way to estimate a bivariate ordered probit model would be to set up the likelihood function of a two-equation bivariate ordered probit model in Statas ML-routine, using the bivariate normal cdf which is available in Stata. The likelihood function would be a generalization of the likelihood function of -biprobit- to several categories.

I suppose this would be quicker than using -gllamm- or -reoprobit-, because it would not rely on quadrature (if I get that right).

Is anybody aware of an existing do-file for this model ?

Thomas Cornelissen
Institute of Empirical Economic Research
University of Hannover, Germany
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