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Re: st: 2 Questions about margeff: dummies and lincom

From   "Tamas Bartus (tbartus)" <>
Subject   Re: st: 2 Questions about margeff: dummies and lincom
Date   Fri, 04 Nov 2005 09:56:12 +0100

Kristin J. Kleinjans asked

> I have 2 questions regarding the margeff command (that estimates
> averagemarginal effects) by Tamas Bartus. I am using Stata 8SE.
> 1. I get an error using the command but am not sure what this
> implies. I
> checked the "help for margeff" (May 22 2005) and the Stata Journal
> submission by Bartus (22 April 2005).
> estimates post: matrix has missing values
> r(504);

Thank you for the note. Your experiment suggests which part of the code is responsible for the
error message. I try to fix it as soon as possible.
I believe the results you get when you avoid the * abbreviation are correct.

> 2. Also, I was wondering if somebody knows how to determine the
> relative weights on the variables in using the lincom command to
> get the
> joint marginal effect for a variable which is included both by itself
> and as a square term?

The marginal effect of the age squared variable must be weighted by 2*mean(age), age itself
needs no weights.



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