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RE: st: Re: fitstat

From   "Herve STOLOWY" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Re: fitstat
Date   Wed, 02 Nov 2005 22:56:46 +0100

Dear Nick:

I followed your suggestion (uninstalled and re-installed Stata 9). -fitstat- works now perfectly after -ologit-. Once more, I thank you for your help.

Best regards


Coordinateur du Département/Head of Department
HEC Paris
Département Comptabilité Contrôle de gestion / Dept of Accounting and Management Control
1, rue de la Liberation
78351 - Jouy-en-Josas
Tel: +33 1 39 67 94 42 - Fax: +33 1 39 67 70 86
>>> 10/30/05 5:34 PM >>>
If you have done this once, you may have
done it at other times. I don't think 
there is any simple and infallible way 
of distinguishing user-written files 
from official ones. So your simplest 
option may be re-installing and re-updating 
official Stata. 


> Thank you for your suggestion. I was not aware of that at 
> all. I will reorganize my folders and my use of Stata.
> Concerning the fitstat problem, this is what I did:
> ado uninstall spost9_ado, from("c:\ado\plus\")
> ado uninstall spost9_ado, from("C:\Program Files\Stata9\ado\updates\")
> net install spost9_ado, from (
> Previously, I had uninstalled the spostado (for Stata 8).
> When I search for fitstat in my hard drive, the only file I 
> find is located in the right folder (c:\ado\plus).
> Nevertheless, -fitstat- still does not work after -ologit-.
> If I don't bother you, could you tell me how to follow your 
> advice: "I would try to expurge all instances of the 'spost' 
> stuff from your  
> machine, including manually removing user-written items from 
> the  official Stata directories, and then start over with net 
> install"?
> How could I identify the remaining "spost" stuff? How can I 
> identify a user-written ado-file from an official update 
> ado-file in my Official Stata 9 updates directory?
> Sorry again but I have been using Stata for two years and did 
> not consider these issues enough seriously before my 
> "fitstat" problem.

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