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Re: st: using Stata to calulate prob

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   Re: st: using Stata to calulate prob
Date   Wed, 02 Nov 2005 17:43:14 +0900

Peggy Chrisman wrote:

I am having trouble using Stata to display probabilities for sample
distribution. Example: for calculate P(Z<1.96)
I have tried display norm(1.96) which is what is listed in the help
file, but I keep getting an error that norm is not found and for
binomial I tried binomial (n,k,p) and it did not recognize the command.
Any hints?


To get a better picture of your problem, you might want to show the List
just what you typed and what you got, for example, if you're inserting
spaces between the function and its open parenthesis or failing to observe

Joseph Coveney

. display norm(1.96)

. display norm       (1.96)
norm not found

. display Binomial(10,5,0.5)

. display binomial(10,5,0.5)
Unknown function binomial()

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