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st: random effects regression with more than 2 levels

From   Marcello Pagano <>
Subject   st: random effects regression with more than 2 levels
Date   Tue, 01 Nov 2005 14:10:01 -0500

For Dimitris:

Fouskakis Dimitris wrote:

Dear Statalist,

I am having the following multilevel design.

factor 1: kids (random) i=1,..200
factor 2: time points (fixed) j=1,..,10
factor 3: ear (left ear, write ear; fixed)

My outcome is suppression of transient evoked otoacoustic emmissions
(TEOAE), and is measured for every ear in the different time points, for
each kid.

I am thinking to perform a random effects regression (using the xtreg
command), but how can I specify all 3 levels (1 random and 2 fixed). Shall I
use the gllamm, and if so how can I do that.

Thank you very much for any help.

Best regards,
Dimitris Fouskakis
Dr. Dimitris Fouskakis
Department of Mathematics
National Technical Univ. of Athens
Zografou Campus, Athens 15780

Tel.: +30 210 772 1702
Fax: +30 210 772 1775

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