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st: Legend Option

From   Raphael Fraser <>
Subject   st: Legend Option
Date   Sun, 30 Oct 2005 16:33:28 -0500

Dear All,

I have the following graph in Stata 8.2:

twoway (rcap ub lb ragey if geno==1)|| ///
            (rcap ub lb ragey if geno==2)|| ///
            (scatter p ragey if geno==1, msymbol(O) connect(l)
clp(longdash_dot)) || ///
            (scatter p ragey if geno==2, msymbol(O) connect(l))||, ///
	  ti("Prevalence (%)") xmtick(10(1)25) ymtick(0(5)50) yla(,angle(0))
xti("Age (in years)") ///
	  legend(label(3 "AA") label(4 "SS") pos(10) ring(0))	

As a result Stata produces four variables in the legend. I wish only
to keep two of the four variables in the legend. How can this be done?

Many thanks,

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