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Re: st: -Ologit- and -fitstat- (Stata 9)

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   Re: st: -Ologit- and -fitstat- (Stata 9)
Date   Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:51:15 +0900

Hervé Stolowy wrote:

I face a difficulty with the command -fistat- (downloadable from SSC)
after -ologit-.


When I type -fitstat-, I get the follwing error message:


Measures of Fit for ologit of format

[_cut1] not found

I must tell that I am very surprised because:

- fitstat works perfectly after -mlogit- (with the same dataset)
- fitstat used to work perfectly a few weeks ago with the same dataset
after -ologit-, before I switched to Stata 9 (from Stata 8.2).

When I read the -fitstat- help file, it's still written that this command
can be used after -ologit-.

Obviously, I miss something about -ologit- (or -fitstat-).


The package has been updated to Stata 9, but it's not on SSC.

net describe spost9_ado, from(

to find the Stata 9 version of -fitstat-.  After installing (overwriting the
earlier version of the spost package), -fitstat- will work after -ologit-.

Joseph Coveney

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