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Re: st: Re: Batch variable?

From   Brendan Halpin <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Batch variable?
Date   28 Oct 2005 16:37:57 +0100 (William Gould, Stata) writes:

> Brendan Halpin <>, trying to find out whether Stata had
> been invoked in batch-style (stata -b), wrote,
> >  I found [...] by trial and error and now have the following code in
> >
> >
> >       if "$S_MODE" != "batch" {
> >               set memory 100m
> >       }
> He also discovered that $S_MODE can be accessed as c(mode), and asked 
> whether there is any reason to prefer on over the other.
> Answer:  c(mode) is considered more modern usage, and so should be prefered
> over $S_MODE.  Both, however, return the same thing and both will continue to
> work.  $S_MODE is no longer documented.

Thanks for the info. Oddly enough, just five minutes ago I found
your note about set memory,permanently
( which
alerts me to the info that there is a better way to set the default
(better in the sense that a command-line switch overrides, as it
should, the default setting) .

Where does "permanently" write the info to, though?


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