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st: creating a macro from tabulate

From   Gijs Dekkers <>
Subject   st: creating a macro from tabulate
Date   Mon, 24 Oct 2005 14:41:57 +0200

Dear all,

I guess this again is a simple question, but I cannot find the answer, so here we go. Suppose I do a tabulate of a variable vname

.tabulate vname

and the result is

vname Freq. Percent Cum.
-8 2,922 6.49 6.49
1 12,586 27.96 34.45
2 13,628 30.28 64.73
3 15,877 35.27 100.00
Total 62,449 100.00

Now I want to create a variable Y which has the same frequency structure as "vname". The below piece of code works fine...

generate x=uniform()*100
.generate y=-8 if x<6.49
.replace y=1 if (x>6.49 & x<34.45)
.replace y=2 if (x>34.45 & x<64.73)
.replace y=3 if (x>64.73 & x<100)

...though I am convinced that it could be done more efficient than I have done it. But that's not the point: my problem is that I have inputted the cumulative frequencies of the TABULATE (i.e., 6.49, 34.45, 64.73) directly into the above commands. This is no good, for any change of the cumulative frequencies would require changing of the whole code by hand.

So, how does one bring the cumulative frequencies of a TABULATE in a local macro, analogous to r(mean) or r(p50) in SUMMARY?

Many thanks!


dr. Gijs Dekkers
Attaché Federal Planning Bureau
Kunstlaan 47-49
1000 Brussels, Belgium
fax 7373,

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