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st: ordered probit

From   Narasimhan Sowmyanarayanan <>
Subject   st: ordered probit
Date   Sat, 22 Oct 2005 14:55:20 -0400

I am having a small problem running the ordered probit and I am not
able to explain the issue. My sample size is very low (only 25
observations). My dependent variable actually is on a 5 point scale. I
can run a simple OLS regression however my ordered probit model
strangely gives me a p value of 1 for every independent variable.

Is this problem because of the low sample size in the model ?. I was
thinking that probably there is not much variability in the dependent
variable to explain anyting for ordered probit.  However a cursoory
glance at the data tells me that almost 90% of the data is 4 and 5.
pm;y 3 observations are 2 and 3 togather.

Any insights on this? I could not find it on a few text books I looked at.


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