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st: German Book on Stata

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   st: German Book on Stata
Date   Tue, 18 Oct 2005 14:50:08 +0200

hi all,

please allow us to announce that the following new book on Stata is available 
at German, Austrian and Swiss bookstores since last week:

Kohler, Ulrich und Frauke Kreuter (2006): Datenanalyse mit Stata. Allgemeine 
Konzepte der Datenanalyse und ihre praktische Anwendung. 2nd. Edition. München 
und Wien: Oldenbourg. 410 pages, ISBN 3-486-57865-0, EUR 34,80.

It is the German edition of "Data Analysis Using Stata" which has been 
published by Stata Press this summer. Both, the English and the German 
edition are written for Stata 9.

We hope that our book will be useful to those who are just learning statistics 
and Stata as well as to users of other statistical packages making the switch 
to Stata. A short version of the Table of contents is shown below our 

Ulrich  Kohler                  Frauke Kreuter   
+49 (030) 25491-361             +1 (301) 4050935

Table of contents

0 About the book

0.1 Structure
0.2 Using this book: Materials and hints
0.3 Teaching with this manual

1 "The first time"

1.1 Starting Stata
1.2 Setting up your screen
1.3 Your first analysis
1.4 Do-files
1.5 Exiting Stata

2 Working with do-files

2.1 From interactive work to working with a do-file
2.2 Designing do-files
2.3 Organizing your work
2.4 Summary

3 The grammar of Stata

3.1 The elements of Stata commands
3.2 Repeating similar commands
3.3 Weights

4 Some general comments on the statistical commands

5 Creating and changing variables
5.1 The commands generate and replace
5.2 Specialized recoding commands
5.3 Additional tools for recording data
5.4 Commands for dealing with missing values
5.5 Labels
5.6 Storage types, or, the ghost in the machine

6 Creating and changing graphs

6.1 A primer on graph syntax
6.2 Graph types
6.3 Graph elements
6.4 Multiple graphs
6.5 Saving and printing graphs

7 Describing and comparing distributions

7.1 Categories: Few or many?
7.2 Variables with few categories
7.3 Variables with many categories
7.4 Summary

8 Introduction to linear regression

8.1 Simple linear regression
8.2 Multiple regression
8.3 Regression diagnostics
8.4 Model extensions
8.5 More on standard errors
8.6 Advanced techniques
8.7 Summary

9 Regression models for categorical dependent variables

9.1 The linear probability model
9.2 Basic concepts
9.3 Logistic regression with Stata
9.4 Logistic regression diagnostics
9.5 Likelihood-ratio test
9.6 Refined models
9.7 Advanced techniques
9.8 Summary

10 Reading and writing data

10.1 The goal: The data matrix
10.2 Importing machine-readable data
10.3 Inputting data
10.4 Combining data
10.5 Saving and exporting data
10.6 Handling big datasets

11 Do-files for advanced users and user-written programs

11.1 Two examples of usage
11.2 Four programming tools
11.3 User-written Stata commands
11.4 Summary

12 Around Stata

12.1 Resources and information
12.2 Taking care of Stata
12.3 Additional procedures
12.4 Summary

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