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st: A vvvvvery naive question about "controll for"

From   Sean <>
Subject   st: A vvvvvery naive question about "controll for"
Date   Sat, 15 Oct 2005 12:33:44 -0500

Dear Statalist users,

I wish I'm not asking something very naive. Does including a var as an
additional regressor mean this var is being controlled for? In
physical science as far as I understand, "control" means maintaining
some conditions at the same level for all the subjects under
experiment; but in social science this is hardly true, so putting one
variable indicating the difference of one aspect among these subjects
really "controls" this aspect? If this is true, then I come to an
absurd conclusion that physicists should learn from social scientists:
putting more and more variables into one regression instead of
spending lots of funds in building up expensive labotories to
"control" some things.

I doubt so but never figured out a satisfactory answer. Any opinions?

Best Regards,


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