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Re: st: Any easy way to append commands in the review window to current do file?

From   "Svend Juul" <SJ@SOCI.AU.DK>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Any easy way to append commands in the review window to current do file?
Date   Wed, 12 Oct 2005 12:05:26 +0200

Sean wrote:

I'm wondering whether there's a quick way to choose and append
commands executed and shown up in the review window to the current do
file? As you may have experienced, sometimes I type small commands
directly through command window instead of in the do file, whereas at
the same time I don't want to lose track of all these small steps.

Two methods; both work best if you have Stata 9 because it has multiple
Do-file editor windows.

1. Right-click in the Review window and select "Copy to Clipboard". Open
a Do-file editor window and paste by Ctrl-V. Now you may select what you
want and maybe copy it to another do-file editor window (Stata 9).

2. Create a command log (see -help log-). You can do it automatically at
session start by including in
    cmdlog using c:\cmdlog.txt , replace
Now, you may open the command log in a Do-file editor window. You may
even make the command log cumulative, also remembering commands from
past sessions, by:
    cmdlog using c:\cmdlog.txt , append

Stata 8 has only one do-file editor window, and that gives some
limitations. With Stata 8 I used another text editor (NoteTab Light,
available for free from for such exercises.

Hope this helps


Svend Juul
Institut for Folkesundhed, Afdeling for Epidemiologi
(Institute of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology)
Vennelyst Boulevard 6
DK-8000  Aarhus C, Denmark
Phone: +45 8942 6090
Home:  +45 8693 7796

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