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Re: st: vectored data?

From   Steffen Hokland <>
Subject   Re: st: vectored data?
Date   Tue, 4 Oct 2005 19:36:04 +0200

Dear All

Thanks for all the suggestions for my 'problem'. In truth I'm new to STATA, although I have used SAS previously and have general programming experience. My main concern was probably one of aesthetics, i.e. wanting to limit the number of variables (the suggestions by Maarten and Nick would generate 3*number_of_measurements). I guess that this isn't really a problem apart from me being prissy, however I also need to flag the measurements, e.g. "+!" meaning that the animal was sacrificed on the previous day, "+" meaning that the animal died 'by it self' etc. At the risk of being ungrateful, I think that I'm going to try my own way (and probably fail miserably) - the STATA built-in regexp capabilities should make it easier.....

Thanks also to Svend author of the University of Aarhus STATA-bible, which I often refer to, and to the suggestion by Kit, which I fear is far beyond my (current) level of expertise.

Best regards,

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