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st: HosmerLemeshow C and H using matrix

From   Colin Cooke <>
Subject   st: HosmerLemeshow C and H using matrix
Date   Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:36:01 -0700

I am in the process of comparing a published logistic regression model
to my own data. I would like to calculate H-L statistics C and H using
stata given only the beta coefficients of the published model and my
own data.

I have been able to calculate the C statistic using the following
command with Stata8.2:

lfit death, group(10) table beta(mat)

where mat is the matrix of published coefficients (col names =
variable names), and death is the dependent dichotomous variable.

Does anyone know how to get stat to calculate the H statistic using
only published coeff?


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