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Re: st: uknown error: r(9611)

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   Re: st: uknown error: r(9611)
Date   Fri, 30 Sep 2005 10:15:50 -0500

Edward F. Blackburne ( asked about error code 9611:
> I have been working on a file and this morning received an error that I do
> not understand and Stata help has no information.
> after a program drop _all
> I called my program. Here is the results screen:
> xtpmg d.c d.pi d.y, lr(l.c pi y)
> (error occurred while loading xtpmg.ado)
> r(9611);
> ...
> I will note that I believe I have an unmatched brace in my code which I am
> currently tracking down, but...

I looked up r(9611) in the source code.  It is related to a -while- loop.
To Stata, the contents of a -while- loop are actually a mini program.
That program must be stored in memory so that it can be executed over
and over.  Stata assigns an internal name to the contents of each
-while- loop so that it can look that 'program' up later to execute it.

r(9611) only occurs if Stata is unable to look up the -while- 'program'
that it thinks it just read in from an ado-file.  Given that Edward
believes he has an unmatched brace in his code, I suspect that this
is what is causing the problem.

Edward can use the brace-matching feature of an editor like
Stata's Do-file Editor or vi to help find the missing brace.

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