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st: Re: Outreg following bootstrap

From   Kit Baum <>
To   "Von Fintel Dieter <>" <>
Subject   st: Re: Outreg following bootstrap
Date   Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:06:12 -0400

As has been said many times by many people on Statalist, outreg is a dead end and is no longer being developed by its author. Its underlying technology was appropriate for the time, but a program based on Stata's own -estiimates- technology is a much more robust approach. I suggest you use estout, which is being actively developed and has just been extensively documented by Ben Jann in the lead article of the Stata Journal, vol 5 issue 3.

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics

On Sep 30, 2005, at 5:02 AM, Von Fintel Dieter <> wrote:

Good day,

I was wondering how to implement outreg after a bootstrap estimation in STATA9.0. I am pleased with the updated form of the output in this version, as it is more like a standard regression. The only trouble is that if I implement outreg, it reports normal confidence intervals, and not the bias-corrected intervals. I have attempted to overcome this by typing estat bootstrap, which displays the output with the BC intervals, and followed it with the outreg command. This still outputs the normal intervals. I would appreciate your help in this regard. I would like to execute a Do file over the weekend with a number of bootstrap estimates, and will not be able to monitor the results inbetween.

Thank-you for a wonderful addition to STATA,
Dieter von Fintel
University of Stellenbosch

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